Crying in my Backyard (demo)

by Ned-O

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A song that will hopefully make it to the new album!


I keep on crying
I can’t stop
It feels like the tears keep on flowing
And I just can’t make them stop

I must keep on going
I can’t keep on showing how I feel
I gotta keep going
Without telling you how I feel

I keep being attacked
You words pose a knife to my back
And I know I drew my blade first
But you and me we’re destined to be cursed

I just gotta keep going
I have to walking without knowing whats ahead
I can’t keep showing how I feel, I make it so obvious
I, I’m ready to die


released March 15, 2016
Harmonica, ukulele, vocals - Tev



all rights reserved



Ned-O! We are in unprotected waters, pirates are bound to show up!!!

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