What a Sad Day for John

by Ned-O

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Do you want to eat cake with me and my sad songs


released January 8, 2015



all rights reserved



Ned-O! We are in unprotected waters, pirates are bound to show up!!!

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Track Name: my very own sad tune (demo)
This world is so sad and that makes me feels sad
my friend didn't get a car for christmas and that makes me feel bad because
she was sad
and I wish that I could feel happy, and make everyone else feel happy
but i'm just a girl
oh i'm just a girl
i'm just a girl (uttering noises)
Yeah I knew that it wouldn't work out from the beginning
i knew that it was gonna fail
but it did
now its done
and now
She's so happy and I'm so sad
and that makes me really really saAd
I wish that I was a little kid so I wouldn't have any cares in the world
so that I could be happy, and join in
this love fest that you both are in
and I wish that I could feel happy and make others feel happy
but i can't because i am not yet capable of that
Because, I'm just a girl, I'm just a girl
and you are just a boy and
i love you